Tropical Doctors

Greetings Parents,

We are looking forward to this year’s CWW GHANA experience and are excited to be working with your children. I have already received numerous questions. In the coming months, the ZIS US Nurse will organize an information meeting for all CWW parents to address many of your questions-  we will also be available for questions on that evening. We would like to require that at least one parent be present. Your child does not need to attend as the purpose of the meeting is to introduce ourselves and the project to you and to take your questions and concerns. At this moment your main areas of concern have been immunizations and the travel visa.

Your child is required to have a yellow fever shot. There are numerous other recommendations and a summary is included in the attachment ( please have a look also at the attached documents on the blog- the Wolfensbergers are no longer practicing) . I recommend you first arrange a meeting with a tropic doctor ( the only ones who are able to give the yellow fever) and then base all other decisions based upon this conversation. The one most of our students have used is Dr Akert in Waedenswil (044 –783 9699). I include some other suggestions below. We look forward to meeting you at the information evening!


Kind regards,

Adrian Castelli and the rest of CWW GHANA Team


Travel Clinic

Dr. med. Danielle Gyurech

PD Dr. med Julian Schilling

Forchstrasse 92 (near Hegibachplatz)

8008 Zürich

phone 044 380 36 36

Schweizerisches Tropeninstitut

Hirschgraben 84 (near Central)


044 634 5151

no appointment necessary Mo 16.30-19h, Mi11.30-15h, Do 16.30-19h, Fr 9-11h

Their link to the yellow fever centers is this:

And finally, here is a link, you can just add that, with all registered TropenÄrzte in the Kanton ZH:


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