Visa Request Letter

TO: Ghana Embassy Bern, Belpstrasse 11 Postfach 5277, 3001 Bern Switzerland

Re: Visit of ZIS students to Bosomtwe Community School – Ghana

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you in order to apply for a visa for my child, CHILDS NAME (  GRADE LEVEL  grade student at Zurich International School). We give our permission for him/her to travel with Ibrahim Oubda as part of a group of ZIS students. The group will spend the week doing service work at the Bosomtwe Community School near Kumasi and then do some tourism around the coast. (Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Castle)

The Zurich International School (locations in Waedenswil, Kilchberg, Baden and Adliswil) has had a long relationship with the Bosomtwe Community School (BCS) in Behenase- Ghana.  Seven years ago, two of the Lower School PE teachers, Maud de Moor and Ibrahim Oubda- Ghanaian/German and former Black Star player, took over the responsibility of leading the BCS project as the former owner, Joshua Mensha, was financially not able to run the school.  Since that time the Zurich International School has been involved in a fundraising and educational sharing program with BCS. So far we have been able to buy and clear extra land, fence the whole school ground, provide a water pump and taqnk, provide a school bus, support paying the salaries of all teachers and employees and support students with new learning materials.

Our current group of students (listed below) will be travelling to Ghana from June 1st – June 8th 2012.  They will be helping us to continue our work at upgrading the BCS campus.  They will be visiting the Behenase village and work with BCS students in a variety of learning and sports activities.

I hope this information give you a satisfactory explanation about the activities we will be doing during our stay in Ghana.

If you have more questions about this project, please feel free to contact me by email or phone: 044-710-7234

Kind Regards,
Adrian Castelli, ZIS Social Studies Teacher

Our hosts are:

Joshua Mensha/Ibrahim Oubda , Bosomtwe community school,
Post office box AK 59,Kumasi.Ashanti
Behenase-Kokobriko steet number 1, Ghana,  West Africa.

00233 244 650 364  Joshua Mensha

00233 201 780 956  Ibrahim Oubda


Attached you will find:

1. Application forms (including 2 extra pictures)

2. Permission to travel letter (this letter)

5. Valid passport

6. Copy of Swiss residency permits

7. Stamped self addressed envelope (to my home address)

8. Cash payment of 80CHF for the visa (Empfangsschein)


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