The school we are at is called the Bosomtwe Community School. It is outside of the city. It is in the country side (around the school there are a few houses, some fields and mainly trees.) It takes about 40 min to drive from where we live to school. We take the school bus in the morning. Either the children use the school bus or they walk to school.


The school itself is very small. There are about 80 students in total. The school has 5 different classes: KG 1, KG 2, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade. The main school building has only 2 classrooms and one storages room.Since there are only 2 classrooms, 3 of the classes are taught outside on the porch. The porch is used by 1st , 2nd (which are combined) and 3rd grade. The school has 5 teachers and one principle. 


There is no electricity at the school. So there are no computers, lights or Smart Boards at the school. So the teachers write on black boards (they are like white boards, just instead of using markers they use chalk). The children use mainly slates, as they don’t have much paper. Slates are like mini black boars, so the children use chalk to write on them. One cool thing about slates is that you can use it, then easily erase them and use them again, just like a white board!


The school building does not have taps for water; instead, there is a water pump. However at the moment the pump doesn’t work, so in order to get water the teachers walk to the near by village to get water and bring it back. 


The children usually sit outside in the schoolyard before and after school as well as for recess and lunchtime. The schoolyard has 2 big trees, which have benches around them. For most of the time the students sit on those.The other school building is the dinning hall, but it is not quiet finished yet. It’s brand new and is very big. This is where the children will have their lunch. The dinning hall will include the kitchen. Currently the kitchen is a small single room hut. At the moment it is the place where cook cooks. She cooks using a really big pot and cooks over a fire. The new dinning hall will also have the bathrooms as well as storage room for supplies.


This new building is nearly finished. Here is the progress so far:


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