Ghana Country Information

Ghanaian FlagGhana was the first country in Africa to gain independence in 1957. Colonized by the Dutch, British, and Portuguese, Ghana still maintains the roots of authentic African culture. Christianity is the most practiced religion in Ghana, while most Northern areas are Islamic.

Map of Ghana

Accra is not only the capital of Ghana but also the largest city in the country with elegant 19th century colonial buildings, skyscrapers and apartment blocks.  More than 50 languages and dialects are spoken in Ghana differing per region.  The most widely spoken language in Ghana is Akan, especially the dialects Twi (Spoken at BCS) and Fante.  English is the official language and  taught in all Ghanaian schools. The current republic government of Ghana is led by John Mahama, who became president in 2012.

Ghana is among the most economically prosperous and politically stable countries in Africa. Its climate is tropical. Notwithstanding the challenges faced by all developing countries, Ghana has a rapidly modernizing infrastructure for sanitation, health care, telecommunications, transportation, food, and accommodation. There is a market economy, a free press, an independent judiciary, and an elected constitutional democracy. Ghana has a rich natural resource base and is well known for its gold and diamonds. The country is a significant exporter in cocoa, electricity, silver, salt and timber, with recent discoveries in oil. Tourism is growing because of Ghana’s political and economic stability, beautiful nature, and wide use of English. The Ghanaian currency is called the Cedi. For more information about Ghana, click here.



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