Principal’s Third Update

After Liza Lindgren‘s meeting with the representative from the Health Directorate in Kuntanase in February 2014, it was agreed upon that a health worker would visit BCS and perform check-ups on the children on a monthly basis. This was followed through on March 31st, 2014 when health workers from the Health Directorate in Kuntanase vaccinated 70 pupils aged 10 and above against yellow fever disease. The health workers then returned on April 3rd and gave children aged 5 and below Vitamin A tablets, examined students to look for rashes and other abnormalities, checked their teeth and educated them on proper hand washing and teeth brushing technique.  Principal Barnabus wrote a report about the health service workers’ visit to BCS:


First visit was on the 31st March, 2014, where they vaccinated about seventy pupils between ten years and above against yellow fever disease. The second visit was on the 3rd April where they attended to the Nursery and KG pupils.


The children who were five years and below were given vitamin A 200,000Iu each.

Physical examination was conducted as well to look for rashes and other abnormalities.

The children’s teeth were observed too.

The health workers went on to educate the children on how to wash their hands properly with water and soap, and how to brush their teeth well.

They made the following observation;

Neat and clean environment, conducive for learning but the school needs a school nurse or a health coordinator to give first aid.

NOTE: so far no child was referred for treatment except some three children who had some wounds which needs dressing.