About BCS Partnership


The Zurich International School (ZIS) in Switzerland and Bosomtwe Community School (BCS)  in Ghana have collaborated since 2004 for the development of BCS and the bringing together of different communities. Regular fundraising activities are held at ZIS benefiting teacher salaries and campus construction at BCS. Additionally, 9th-, 10th-, and 11th grade trips to Bosomtwe are organized annually, where ZIS students help with the construction of BCS and teach the 1st-5th grade students. Many ZIS students, teachers and parents continue to travel to and work on independent projects for BCS after their initial visit.

This website was designed and created in 2013 by Claire Cole, ZIS Class of 2015, to improve the communication and awareness of the partnership between ZIS and BCS. A year after launching the website, Claire and two 10th grade students, Joya Ammueler and Madeleine Schulz and Kai Allen, now manage the website jointly. For more information on the history of the BCS Partnership please click here. Regular updates regarding BCS-related activities at ZIS and ongoing developments at  BCS are also posted on the BCS Partnership Facebook page.