Ibrahim Oubda

IbiThe former professional footballer, Ibrahim Oubda, comes from West Africa. He was born in Burkina Faso and grew up in Takoradi, a large city in Ghana.

Before moving to Zurich, Ibrahim played for Ghana and several European football clubs. He moved to Europe in the early 90’s. Ibrahim achieved his UEFA footbal coaching license in Switzerland and coached the juniors of FC Waedenswil, Kilchberg and Ruschlikon and now coaches for FCZ U12, Letzikids, and ZIS students.

In July 2004, Ibrahim Oubda went to Ghana for the summer holidays. During their visit they were introduced to a small school in the bush, called “Arise and Shine International School”. It had been initiated by a carpenter called Joshua because the area lacked education. With financial difficulties, he explained the situation and won over their hearts with an agreement to help them.

Pictures were taken, children and teachers were met and he returned home to ZIS with a new mission. Rob Risch, the former TeachingLower School principal, was thrilled with Ibrahim’s idea to start finding ways to involve Zurich International School students and Bosomtwe students. Money was raised by organizing various events in and around school. Soon the project was raising awareness and sparking interest from the whole ZIS community.

For the first 5 years, friends, family and people outside school supported BCS with financial donations, clothes, school materials, etc. Later the project to help the Bosomtwe Community School became part of ZIS. Various events are now organized on a yearly basis and the project is a school-wide support program. Our support for the Behenase community and BCS was mainly financed by selling African handicraft and drums on the occasion of ZIS events like the Worldfest, Ghana Cup and more. The small amounts of money help to pay small salaries to the teachers, buy pencils and books and also a second hand bus to take the pupils from different villages to BCS. Over the years the number of BCS pupils increased and BCS became an interesting place for social service trips.

Nowadays, the highlight of the partnership between Wädenswil and Ghana is the nine-day annual trip with a group of ninth-graders. The students fly along with four teachers to Accra, the capital of the former British colony. From there a bus or plane transports the students to Behenase, the location of the Bosomtwe Community School.

In 2010 the first student service trips took place and Team Ghana was built up. Now Grade 9 and CWW student service trips take place twice a year (three times in 2014), on a regular basis.

Team Ghana 2012After the first service trip in 2010 several students returned home deeply touched and inspired by the experiences they had in Ghana. They had a lot of ideas and proposals in their minds which they shared with their parents and teachers. This was the beginning of the BCS Partnership. Since then numerous people (parents, teachers and ZIS alumni) showed their interest in the project by donating and even visiting BCS individually to teach the community and the pupils about health issues or assisting the teachers in the classrooms.

Ibrahim’s involvement as BCS School proprietor in this process, was and is up to now primarily to check all requests and ideas for feasibility and to set up a well structured program and agenda for the trips, including travel organization, hotel bookings, entertainment, leisure time etc., to make the students’ and visitors’ trips an unforgettable experience. To ensure all donations are used in a most efficient and proper way, Ibrahim is constantly organizing, controlling and supervising the construction work at BCS. His presence in Ghana is therefore a must as often as possible.