School Development Project

BCS and ZIS are currently working on several projects to improve BCS’s educational program and campus.

Senior High Construction:

Directly across from the junior high’s construction site, is where the BIS senior high will be built. Currently still being constructed, it offers an educational path for students who graduate from the junior high. This will be a big accomplishment for the school and will really help kids in Ghana thrive and be successful.

Junior High Construction and Boarding Area:

As of April 2018 the building has been completed and painted over. The area in which the beds will be placed for boarding is complete and the classrooms already have desks and chairs. We are currently unsure of when the boarding will be open and when students will be aloowed to enroll in the junior high.

Ibi and Team Ghana in one of the new classrooms for the junior high.

Basketball Court Final Completion: (COMPLETED)

During the Team Ghana trip this February 2018, a big project for the students was completing the basketball courts. Prior to their arrival a court was made out of concrete and two hoops were set up opposite to each other mimicking a real basketball court. The main focus for the students of this trip was to paint the courts. Below are some pictures of the process the students went through to create this outstanding basketball court.

This is what the basketball court looked like as we arrived.

COurt as we arrived.jpg

Students painted over the court in green twice over a span of two days.

Painted over green.jpg

On the third day of working on the court it was finally time to implement the lines. All morning until lunch from 8:00-1:00 Kai Allen, Charlie Sparks and Mark Jhavari all utilized their math/chalk skills to make an outline of the lines.

Chalk over lines.jpgPainting over chalk lines.jpg

Ibi and students of BIS and ZIS were thrilled to see how far their court had came. Ibi was emotional after the completion.Basketball Court Ghana

Basketball/Sport field construction (COMPLETED)

Ibi loved how the kids reacted to basketball. He hopes to get a sports surface for sports lIMG_3539ike soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc. Dan Allen is currently in the process of raising funds for the surface that will cost approximately 10,000 CHF with labor and materials. This court will help benefit the physical education program in
BIS. Dan is looking for people to donate money for the cause and so far it has been a success, fund raising efforts are underway. We hope to have the funds by July of 2016 to insure it will be finished by the trip in October 2016 so ZIS students can educate the BIS children on the sports.

University of Winneba partnership development

In February 2013, before the Team Ghana group had landed in Accra, Nick Bentley flew into Kumasi to meet with Miss Teresa at the University of Winneba in the hopes ofUniversity of Education in Winneba securing a partnership between Winneba and BCS. With this partnership, Miss Teresa would contact a teacher training college nearby and secure them placement at BCS. While most of their peers are forced to find placement themselves, this partnership would allow for the teachers at this college to have a predetermined placement for them as well as free accommodation nearby. At the same time, BCS can benefit exponentially – the students will benefit from an elevated level of teaching and the teachers will be able to learn from them and develop an understanding of what it takes to be a truly good teacher. Before this partnership was secured however, BCS would have to receive a B rating from the Ghana Education Service Yet and find suitable accommodation for the incoming teachers. These teachers in training at the University of Winneba now not only teach at BCS, but also provide training to the current teachers of BCS.


Newly Constructed Bathrooms

Completion of third classroom block and bathrooms (COMPLETED)

In December 2012, in order to accommodate the influx of new students to BCS, the third classroom block on the property was constructed. This building provides 5 additional classrooms.10 bathrooms were also built at this time. The new classrooms have white boards, large tables and glass windows. They accommodate the increase in student numbers and provide a better learning environment for children in all age groups.The new bathrooms have European style toilets which provides a more germ resistant environment for students and teachers. Both of these projects were finally completed and both buildings were being used as of July 2013.


Current Construction of new library and fourth classroom block (COMPLETED)Third Classroom Block

BCS and ZIS are currently working towards finishing the third classroom block (seen right). The newest classroom block will be built on the location of the oldest block, which was in need of renewal. The classroom will be facilitated with modern school white-boards and other classroom furniture. Along with new, bigger classrooms, the block will provide room for a library. ZIS is bringing hundreds of books with plastic covers over to BCS. To read more about the library project, click here. 

Painting over chalk lines.jpg