History of the BCS Partnership

In June 2004, Ibrahim Oubda and Maud Moor, both PE teachers at the ZIS Lower School, visited Ghana (home country of Ibrahim). During their stay in Kumasi, they met a carpenter, Joshua Mensha, who started a school in the Bosomtwe region.

After a long conversation, it became clear that Joshua needed help to keep the school running. He had started the school with very few resources and was struggling to keep it going. Joshua had founded the school to help the children in and around the village of Behenase in the Bosomtwe region, there being no school in the area for them to attend. Both Ibrahim and Maud were touched by Joshua’s energy and idealism and decided to find a way to help him and his pupils.

During their stay in June-July 2004, they visited the school regularly and shared ideas with teachers, parents, and pupils. A small first donation was made towards buying books, pencils, and other writing materials.

After their return to Switzerland, they started thinking and planning. Private friends and companies were contacted for support. Maud and Ibi were happy with the positive replies from many people. They also shared their ideas with the principal (Rob Risch at that time) who thought it would be a great project for our Lower School pupils to support. The idea of creating awareness of other children and the realities of their lives in an underprivileged country was born, the aim being to create an understanding of what it means to live without sufficient food, or not to be able to go to school.

Their aim was to create a learning environment for both schools (ZIS and BCS) in which learning could be shared between the pupils and teachers living in totally different countries. Ibrahim, Maud, and Rob introduced the idea of a sister school and began to create awareness at ZIS of the Bosomtwe Community School in Ghana.

The sister school project was then enthusiastically adopted and actively supported by staff, pupils, and parents.

Since those early days of the project, regular activities have taken place with the objective to raising money to support the pupils in Ghana and their school. All school campuses of ZIS and private donors have supported the Bosomtwe Community School, allowing Ibrahim and Maud to make constant improvements to the school and it’s immediate environment.

In 2010 ZIS extended the sister school project with yearly trips of 9th grade students in February and 10-12th grade students during the Classroom Without Walls trip in June. ZIS Students have been touched by the lives of the Ghanaian children and continue to work on individual projects to help BCS.