Message from headmaster Barnabus


Principal’s Third Update

After Liza Lindgren‘s meeting with the representative from the Health Directorate in Kuntanase in February 2014, it was agreed upon that a health worker would visit BCS and perform check-ups on the children on a monthly basis. This was followed through on March 31st, 2014 when health workers from the Health Directorate in Kuntanase vaccinated 70 pupils aged 10 and above against yellow fever disease. The health workers then returned on April 3rd and gave children aged 5 and below Vitamin A tablets, examined students to look for rashes and other abnormalities, checked their teeth and educated them on proper hand washing and teeth brushing technique.  Principal Barnabus wrote a report about the health service workers’ visit to BCS:


First visit was on the 31st March, 2014, where they vaccinated about seventy pupils between ten years and above against yellow fever disease. The second visit was on the 3rd April where they attended to the Nursery and KG pupils.


The children who were five years and below were given vitamin A 200,000Iu each.

Physical examination was conducted as well to look for rashes and other abnormalities.

The children’s teeth were observed too.

The health workers went on to educate the children on how to wash their hands properly with water and soap, and how to brush their teeth well.

They made the following observation;

Neat and clean environment, conducive for learning but the school needs a school nurse or a health coordinator to give first aid.

NOTE: so far no child was referred for treatment except some three children who had some wounds which needs dressing.

Principal’s Second Update



This week happens to be the revision week as well as the inter-privet schools gala. So after both batches had arrived, the kids moved to their rooms to begin their academic work.

The time table was strictly followed till 11:00 and the terms were called to the field for training.  Because this was their final training, they spent only two hours physicals without kicking a ball. The building of the fence was on going. Every activity on this day was successful so we ended it at 2:30.



This day was full of academic work due to the periods that we have been given to the soccer terms for training; the children wanted us to be with them so that they can recall all that we have learnt from the being of the term. At 1:30 Madame Felicia who is in charge of culture called all the members of the culture group for a meeting.

Generating water was a problem due to blurred fuse of the water switch, so I worked on it as quickly by changing the fuse. On this day, I left the school for a meeting at the education office but I returned before closing. All the front tyres were changed that very day. The day ended successful at 2:30.



The inter-private school gala started on this day, so at 7:15 in the morning all the two batches were on campus and the soccer term took-off at 7:30 to the field where the gala would take place.

I reported very early on this day to water the grass since the children will not have any time for that activity. The circuit supervisor from the GES came to vet the way the teachers have been marking the register for the attendance of pupils. Even though some of the children left for the gala, those that were left in the school enjoyed intensive academic exercise to prepare them for the end term examination which begins next week.

At the games itself, BCS first match was against Destiny Child Experimental Basic School and the boys won by 3 goals to null and their girls lost to the BCS girls with the same score line.




Both batches arrived early due to the next game but this time the players took off 8:20. The remaining children wanted to do academic work. The spring of the bus got broken so it was sent to the fitting shop for repairs. BCS team played against Great Bethel that very morning but our boys lost to this school by only one goal. The score line of the girls was in our favour with the same score line. Due to time constraints, the organizers suggested we should use penalties to determine the rest of the matches for the winning teams to play finals. There we lost on penalties at the semi-finals to Trust Experimental School. This news ended the joy of the kids but I encouraged them for the good work they did and wished them better luck next time. We ended this day at exactly 2:15 so that the players can have enough time to rest for the next morning.



Academic work began after the arrival of the second batch. Every activity on this day was successful and before closing the teachers, including the non-teaching staff, were paid their salaries.

Principal’s First Update

This page is an opportunity for Barnabus, the principal of BCS, to write updates on the what progress the school is making:

The first term of the 2013/2014 academic year began on 17th September 2013 with sixty five pupils and five teachers present. The first day of school started with an opening Assembly and the introduction of our four new teachers who have been recruited on probation. The presence of the teachers caught the attention of the pupils.

The teachers are Akwaboa Albert, Opoku Sarkodie. E, Kayil Keziah and Mensah Mavis.

TeachingDuring the first day back, the pupils were divided into groups and supervised by the teachers. Their task was to tidy up the environment. The academic work started the next day. As usual, the teachers tried to stimulate the pupils by revising with them what they had learnt the previous term.

The second day of the term saw a new dimension. Ten parents came to the school with their wards seeking admissions for their children. Eight of the children were admitted after some reading and oral tests were administered. Four of the parents sought permission for their children to report the following week.

The same day, I received a letter from the Ghana Health Service, asking for permission to come to the School to vaccinate all of the pupils between the ages of 9 months and 14 years against measles.

The following day, September 19th 2013, they came and vaccinated all the pupils who fell within the age range. On the last day of the week, classes continued until lunch. Afterwards, pupils were taken through physical education lessons, since all play and no work makes Jack a dull boy.


The list below shows the current teaching staff at the school.

1.       Otoo Felicia, who teaches Nursery kids. On the reopening day she was not present due to a recent breast cancer surgery she did.

2.       Mensah Mavis, who teaches the KG 1 and 2

3.       Kayil Keziah. U, who teaches class 1

4.       Osei Stephen, who handles Creative Arts, Religion and Moral Education

5.       Opoku Sarkodie. E, who teaches English and Ghanaian language

6.       Akwaboa  Albert, who teaches mathematics and general science

7.       Micheal Berko, who handles I.C.T and citizenship

I teach general science in class five.


1.       Cooks/ Cleaners were all present on the reopening day to put their work place in order. They worked hard throughout the week.

2.       Bus Driver started work on 16th September 2013 putting the bus in order for the term.


Sophia in class four threatened to stop attending school if she was not promoted to class five. I met with her and her mother in my office. I made her commit herself to working hard when she enters class five.

These are the names of the pupils who were admitted on the second day of school and their various classes:

1.       Krobea Adu -Nursery

2.       Dominic  Adusei -Nursery

3.       Sandra  Kyerewaa-   KG 1

4.       Appiah Casscius-Class 1

5.       Gyamfi  Stephen -Class 1

6.       Akaber  Belinda  –    Class 3

7.       Obeng    Daniel  –     Class 3

8.       Richmond  Adusei-  Class 3