Applying for Visa

When applying for a Ghanaian visa, the Ghana Embassy in Bern asks for required documents, fees, and permits  ( To acquire an entry visa to Ghana, you must attach a letter seeking permission to enter Ghana’s borders. The letter asking permission for this application must be sent within 3 months before your planned travel to Ghana. A sample letter of application may look as follows:

To: Ghana Embassy, Belpstrasse 11, Postfach 5277, 3001 Bern, Switzerland

Re: School trip of student to Ghana

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you in order to apply for a visa for my child, CHILD’S NAME, a GRADE LEVEL grade student at the Zurich International School. We give our permission for him/her to travel with Ibrahim Oubda as part of a group of ZIS students. The group will spend the week doing service work at the Bosomtwe Community School near Kumasi and spent days visiting tourist locations around the Ghanaian coast. The Zurich International School is in a partnership with the Bosomtwe Community School and supports the educational program at BCS. My child will be travelling to Ghana from START DATE – END DATE (give flight details too). He/she will be with the group of students and help build new classrooms, teach the children, and play sports activities at BCS. I hope this information gives a satisfactory explanation about the activities my child will be doing during her/his stay in Ghana.

Our hosts are:

Ibrahim Oubda, Bosomtwe Community School, Lake Rd, Abidjan Junction

Phone: 00233 50 950 7791

Precevid/Rosewood Cottage
P.O. Box ST 74
Stadium – Kumasi

Phone: 00233 50 647 6490


Attached you will find:

1. Application forms (including pictures)

2. Permission to travel letter with list of participants (this letter)

3. Valid passport

4. Copy of Swiss residency permit

5. Copy of Yellow Fever vaccination

6. Stamped self addressed envelope

7. Cash payment of 100 CHF for the visa

8. Flight itinerary


If you require any additional information please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Yours sincerely,

Sign your name here

Before you send this letter out to the Ghanaian Embassy, make sure you have gone through the following procedures and attached the required documents to the letter:

  1. You must fill out the Visa Application Form for your child and make 4 copies. Click here to find the form.
  2. Include 4 passport-sized (3.5 x 4.5) photographs of your child attached to each application form.
  3. Your child’s original passport, which should have at least one empty double page in the visa section and should be valid for at least 6 months longer than the intended stay in Ghana.
  4. A visa fee of CHF 100. Account payment details can be found on the Ghana Embassy website.
  5. Include a self addressed envelope with CHF 6 for registered mail.
  6. An attestation of the Travel Agent/Airline stating the expected dates of arrival in and departure from Ghana or a copy of the ticket (please ask the trip’s supervisor for this information).
  7. If your child is non-Swiss, attach to their application evidence of his/her residence permit in Switzerland.
  8. Please state your name, street, house number and telephone number in your letter.
  9. Photocopy of Yellow Fever Vaccination

Please ensure that all of the above requirements are fulfilled before sending out your Ghana visa application. For any further questions, please contact your supervisor of the service trip or the Embassy of Ghana.

CWW TRIP 2014: To use a ready-made letter with the CWW trip’s details, click here: Visa Application Letter CWW 2014