Starting a Project

Over the years, BCS has made incredible improvements for the campus, teachers and students. Much of this progress is made with the help of ZIS students but more support is always welcome at BCS.

For students visiting Ghana soon or alumni returning to BCS, it is encouraged to consider starting an independent or group project to improve aspects at the Bosomtwe Community School.

Below is a list of examples to inspire students interested in starting a project:

  • Communication for BCS is vital, but the campus often has trouble with good connection. Bringing Wi-Fi to BCS, where Vodaphone would be their provider, could be a tremendous improvement for their communication and learning facilities. The Vodaphone office in Accra has already been consulted and offers three plans with different Wi-Fi sizes and speeds for the school. However, preparations to scout the Bosomtwe area would have to be organized in order for Vodaphone to decide whether Bosomtwe is fit for Wi-Fi service. If so, enough funds should be raised to bring connectivity to the school
  • School laptops would be extremely beneficial to BCS. Even without Wi-Fi or enough laptops for all students, a few laptops could provide learning programs and games teachers could prepare. These laptops could either be donated by ZIS or newly bought.
  • Hygiene certainly needs to be addressed at BCS, especially washing hands before lunch. BCS students have one bucket of water, which they all clean their hands in before they eat. Students often ignore the soap ZIS has brought as they have not been educated about this. An effective system for washing hands before lunch or an educational workshop on hygience for students would be a great project when visiting BCS.
  • The BCS Physical Education program is very minimal. Even though BCS students get time to play football outside, the teachers need to be educated on the importance of physical sport. Also sex education is a priority.
  • The space in front of BCS is very barren and overgrown with weeds. Efforts to build a playground or sports field (basketball, football, etc.) would help the students stay stimulated and active, while learning new sports.
  • The whiteboards in classrooms are constantly running out of or losing dry-erase markers. Lessons are therefore very difficult for teachers to give. The possibility of a supply of markers would be very helpful.
  • A nurse is supposed to visit the school once a month and do routine check-ups on all the BCS students. However, the nurse often does not show up. This means that the children are not diagnosed with simple illnesses, such as a loss of sight (this has occurred to a BCS student before). Finding a solution to the problem of the nurse-visits would be incredible.
  • ZIS would like to raise awareness at BCS on environmental issues and sustainability at school. Bringing solar panels to BCS would be an enormous leap forward. In addition to providing energy, it is free to use. It would be the first installation of solar panels in Kumasi. Also educating the children on sustainability would be a great improvement.

Feel free to use any of the ideas listed above. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact one of the Ghana trip supervisors on your ideas.