What To Pack

The following list provides a guideline for students planning to visit Ghana and the Bosomtwe Community School:

  • Antimalarial drugs and other required medicine. Please click here for more information on health advice and packing tips.
  • A pair of gloves to prevent blisters when using a shovel at the school work site
  • A pair of shoes/trainers/sneakers that are allowed to get dirty
  • Flip flops and sandals are allowed, but protect your feet when working around mud, cement, shovels and bricks
  • Flashlight
  • Clothing sufficient for 1 week. Don’t overload on clothing, it is advisable to prepare an outfit for each day. For girls, make sure to bring appropriate shorts and shirts that cover and respect other Ghanaian culture so don’t wear any clothes too revealing. Long sleeve shirts are recommended for evenings when mosquitoes are likely to come out.
  • Gadgets and valuables are expected to stay at home. Even for bus rides it is encouraged to socialize or look out the window. You can bring your phones but we will have a school phone if you need to reach your family and we will send periodic updates to all parents.
  • An Adapter. Ghana has English plugs for chargers.
  • A camera if you are one of the photographers. It is advisable to discuss among students who will take photographs, instead of having everybody constantly take pictures on their phones.
  • A small soccer ball to play outside with (Optional)
  • A bathing suit in case we spend time at the Bosomtwe lake. The lake does not contain the schistosomiasis worm and ZIS students swam in the lake before.
  • Feel free to bring granola/cereal bars or any kind of snack with you when feeling hungry. Peanut butter jars and nutella jars are also great, as we often eat breadĀ for breakfast. (Optional)
  • Sunblock, sunglasses and a hat
  • A towel
  • Don’t worry about bringing water bottles, we will bring enough for all students throughout the week
  • Hand sanitation that contains alcohol
  • Deodorant, you will get tired and hot when working at the school
  • A pen or pencil and notebook for those who would like to keep a journal during their stay (Optional)
  • Any old clothes, toys, books, or other educational materials you may have can be donated to the students at BCS (Optional)
  • A mosquito net is highly recommended, make sure you know how to set up the net before you go to Ghana (Optional)
  • Toilet bag with toothbrush and toothpaste

For any questions regarding what else to pack, please contact your trip’s supervisor or leave a comment below.