Team Ghana Trip 2018

The Team Ghana trip this year took place during the February break. After a long process, twenty-six lucky students were selected to go. However, getting to Ghana was quite a struggle, as the flight was canceled on the first day, and on the second day, there was a mix-up, causing nine students and two chaperones to stay back and take a flight the next day. Once we were all in Ghana, the real fun started, although it came along with a lot of laborious work. The main projects this year were to paint the basketball court, paint the walls surrounding the school, organize the library, and plant trees around the outside wall of the school. Due to the warm weather and striking sun, working was very tiring and pushed the whole team to our limits. By the end of the trip, we managed to finish all our projects. Alongside those projects, we had the chance to play with the BIS students and experience the wonderful Ghanaian culture, while also getting to know our peers better outside the classroom. 

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Team Ghana Trip to BIS in 2015

The 2015 trip to Ghana was a complete success, with ZIS students helping with the new garden and the implementation of the new basketball hoops. Students also helped decorate the school by painting the cabinets, tables, and chairs. Jay Haken, and Dan and Shea Allen supervised the trip and said they planned to return in the upcoming year. The trip was a real blast and a great opportunity for kids from both of the schools and we look forward to next year’s trip.

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Team Ghana

Team Ghana is the name given to the annual grade 9 service trips. A highly selective process begins in grade 7 and carries through into grade 9. During this process, students must show their ability to work with young children, their commitment to cultural understanding, and their ability to work as a cohesive team. The group teaches the students at BCS, helps building and developing the campus, and experiences a life-changing trip in Ghana. Approximately 20 students are chosen each year to work at BCS for 4 days and to visit a few of Ghana’s historical and cultural sights during the remainder of the week. This year (2014), two groups of 20 grade 9 students have been selected for a service trip in February and a second service trip in April.

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