GoGhana10 – Senior Independent Project


Over the years of playing football at ZIS, we had the privilege and opportunity to be coached by Ibi for many years. Besides all the invaluable football skills and emotional coaching that Ibi passed on to us, he would at times also tell anecdotes about his early


football years in Ghana. Through these stories, we grew to appreciate just how fortunate we were to have had a formal football upbringing. This included, for us quite ordinary required drills such as, stretching and warming up, simple tactical formations, and cool down stretching after a game, besides the basic understanding the offside rules. The children of Ghana we learned could not expect even the basic training. Additionally we grew to understand how much BCS and his community meant to Ibi. We wanted to support him in his vision and dreams. Therefore a fe

w seniors from the ZIS Varsity Football team approached Ibi to see how we could be a part of his vision.

We came up with the GoGhana10 CWW project.

8 varsity seniors and Ibi set off to Kusami to provide BCS with manual labor and educational support to the children during the mornings, and in the afternoon we provided the local youth with formal football skills and tactical training.


The experience itself was beyond words and we hope the pictures offer an indication of just how wonderful an opportunity GoGhana10 was for all of us!

Click here to see more photos of the independent trip: GoGhana10


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