Benjamin Lindgren’s Independent Project

Row to Read

One of the most crucial parts of education is reading. Reading and writing enables us to communicate with each other, learn about our world, inspire others, and make people laugh or smile. Reading books is the best way to practice reading skills. But how can you read books without a library or any good books? Sadly, BCS lacks a library and a good collection of appropriate grade level books. What currently passes for a library at BCS is a pile of books, donated over the past five years by ZIS students, on a shelf in the corner of the principal’s office, which also functions as a storeroom.   I knew that this needed to change. That is why I started “Row to Read.” The concept is simple:

  1. Get people crazy enough to actually row with you.
  2. Get as many sponsors as possible to promise to donate a certain amount of money per kilometer.
  3. Sit down on a rowing machine.
  4. Row for a disgustingly long time.
  5. Collect the money.

Ten rowers rowed a total of 261 kilometers.  We were all unable to move after three hours of rowing, which brought the fundraiser to an end.  Compared to all the rowing, building the library over the coming year should be easy.  We collected over 10,000 CHF in donations from more than 150 individual sponsors, plus a challenge match of 2,500 CHF to reach a total of 12,500 CHF.  This was far more than the 2,500 CHF that I originally set as a goal.   I would like to thank my Mission 10 advisor, Mr. Castelli, and especially Olly van der Weijde, Justin Knipper, Teo Pollini, Andy Werner, Michael Hatkoski, John Switzer, Lily Switzer, and my family for rowing, getting sponsors, and making this a great success!

Ben’s RowtoRead project can be followed on his blog. 



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